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December 31, 2016 - Year in sign of LEGO

Although I didn't add much to buildinst last year I was literally waking up and going to bed with LEGO bricks. As I wrote in last report I began building alternative models for two different projects. Besides, I kept on leading courses of programming LEGO Mindstorms and WeDo for kids, showing my models at exhibitions, organizing few contests and finally I also built few models just for fun.

The first project I've participated in is called LEGO ReMake. Its goal is to show kids and their parents that they can build more than just one model out of each LEGO set. So I've built alternative models out of LEGO City sets for this project. You can see them at official web of this project and of course you can download building instructions for them there too. Another project is called LEGO stavění (in English: Building out of LEGO). It is channel with videos on Czech Youtube like web There are two kinds of videos in this channel. The first of them features kid that builds official model out of LEGO set and then I build something else out of same bricks. Other videos are just records of me building my alterantive models from the first brick to the last so you can try to build my models following these videos. They are in Czech but speach is not important there. There are alternative models out of wide range of different sets from such themes like Creator, City, NEXO KNIGHTS, Star Wars and even Friends.

I would also like to mention three models I've built just for fun - CLEV3R CAR, dragster and woman in bikini. CLEV3R CAR is really clever and I've built it out of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (set 31313). It is able to ride autonomously and avoid obstacles or you can teach is other tricks with your own program. You can see it in this video. Dragster is built out of LEGO Technic 42036 and building it was great challenge. My goal was to build vehicle on four wheels out of motorbike with just two wheels. Although this model is full of compromises if worths building. Last model is woman in bikini built out of old LEGO Creator set 4884 (lion, hyena and vulture). Honestly, I planed to build her naked but I had to dress her in bikini and boots due to lack in tan bricks. :-)

And what can you expect in nearest future? It looks like new web is almost ready for adding content so I will launch it soon. When it happens I'll release bunch of building instructions for alternative models of such themes like LEGO City, NEXO KNIGHTS, Friends and so on.

plane duck helicopter tank
dragon CLEV3R CAR dragster woman in bikini

February 14, 2016 - Recapitulation of past half of year

I was so busy building new models past half of year that I haven't almost found time for updating buildinst. Summer has begun with couple of LEGO Friends sets. I've rebuilt one of them (41094 - Heartlake lighthouse) to carousel. Then for quite a long time I was building my biggest and most challenging alternative model so far - forwarder (log loader). I've built it out of set 8053 and it was inspired by real machine Noe NF410. It's also my first model that reached magical limit of 1000 pieces. It features 4 axles, working boom with grapple and considerable size. You can find detailed list of its functions and building instructions here.

At the end of September I became teacher of courses in robotics for children and began familiarizing with LEGO WeDo and Mindstorms. Programming was something totally new for me and I have to admit it intrigued me. I've already built two models out of WeDo set - propeller plane and sleeping dinosaur. Plane is supplemented with two levers that control steering of plane and speed of propeller. Dinosaur is much different - it's such an example of use of unpredictable behaviour. If you wake it up it will randomly choose one of five reactions before it falls asleep again. You can see it in action in this video.

By the end of the year I've joined in pilot project focused on testing new software for creating building instructions for LEGO models. Before I finished this project I've got invitation to another one. So now I'm building alternative models for LEGO CEE team. My dream is coming true...

Production of new website is separate chapter. I had this idea in my mind for a long time but things started moving by the end of last year. New web is almost completely programmed now. It just needs me to upload content. I hope I'll find enough time to finish it soon.

forwarder carousel plane dinosaur

June 29, 2015 - Brief report

I'm going to be brief this time and introduce you new models and plans for summer shortly. The first model is mantis built out of set 31031. I've built it for exhibition at Lipno so if you visit it you'll be able to see it together with more than ten other alternative models built out of set 31031. Next model is aircraft inspired by Czechoslovakian cropduster plane called "Bumblebee" built out of set 42035 and finally speedboat built out of set 31034. I've built this boat for the second time because for the first time it transformed into Moby Dick. :-) You can find building instructions for all models mentioned above in instructions section. And what do I plan next? I'm going to build my biggest alternative model out of set 8053 (mobile crane) and aslo rebuild several Lego Friends sets.

kudlanka Moby Dick motorový člun čmelák

April 29, 2015 - The first alternative models out of 2015 sets

As soon as the first Lego Creator 2015 sets came in my collection I've begun creating new alternative models for them. Polar bear built out of set 31034 (white robot) was the first of them. I've focused on testing potential of this set by building some animal and polar bear was the first white animal that came into my mind. Set 31034 passed this test successfully and you can look forward to other alternative models built out of its parts in nearest future. Set 31030 (red go-kart) wasn't as much successful. It contains small amount of bricks and even less "mass" so building alternates out of it is quite difficult. Regardless I've gradually built formula, plane and helicopter out of this set. Soon you can also look forward to alternative models built out of sets 31031 (parrot and frog), 31029 (helicopter) and 42035 (mining truck).

At the end I'd like to introduce you one interesting application for smart phones. Its name is +L and it allows you to download and browse building instructions for alternative models built out of various Lego sets right in your phone. You can also find few building instructions for my alternative models in it and their numeber is going to increase in future.

polar bear formula plane helicopter

February 13, 2015 - Amazing set 31017

Around Christmas I went for longer vacations to Kazakhstan and took small Lego Creator set 31017 (sunset speeder) with me. I began building alternative models during evenings and was surprised how many of them I can create. Motorbike was the first alternative model followed by karp, bird, crocodile and dump truck. After homecoming I've added forklift truck, steam engine, dog and dragon. The most interesting and the most advanced models are dump truck and forklift truck. Notice clever way of using SNOT (Studs Not On Top) technique for building cabs and other parts of these models. You can build all models mentioned above except dragon with these building instructions. Besides instructions for models out of set 31017 I've also added building instructions for yellow lobster built out of set 31023 and mouse built out of set 31019.

I've built two bigger Lego Technic models too. The first model is hovercraft built out of set 9394. I built it for alternative model build contest before Christmas. Its main feature is quite unique steering. It turns just pair of rudders instead of whole propeller as you can see among official Lego hovercraft models. All its functions are shown on this video. Another model of propeller plane is built out of reborn set 8041 (it is produced as 42041 now). Plane has similar functions to truck that is main model: V4 engine connected with propeller and steering (stick in cockpit controls moving of ailerons).

dump truck forklift truck dog mouse
hovercraft hovercraft plane

November 6, 2014 - More detailed description of models and new creations

As I wrote last time, new more detailed descriptions of models with their ratings are coming. Nowadays you can find them at latest sets and they should show you better what you can expect from finished model. Four qualities of each model are measured on scale from one to five points: Then I'd like to invite you to exhibition in castle Klášterec nad Ohří (Czech Republic). Exhibition is opened during weekends till end of January 2015. You can see big railway, Lego City sets from present and past and many other models besides my alternates there. During opening I also made little workshop focused on building alternative models. When I was preparing for it I built three alternative models out of set 31017 and the fourth right there at workshop. Those models are plane, helicopter, formula and motor boat. If you want to build them you find building instructions here.

At the end I'd like to mention few latest models - trike, lobster and scouting vehicles. Trike with pull back motor built out of set 42010 is my first entry to alternative model build contest organized by website eurobricks. I plan to create something bigger for contest but if I don't finish it in time I'll participate at least with this model. Lobster is another model I've built in co-operation with Jan Beyer. Originally I wanted to build propeller plane out of set 31023 but after while things ran wild and I've created this lobster. Its best features are claws for sure. Last models are "scouting vehicles" built out of set 60035. They are my first alternative models built out of Lego City set. I've created this monster truck and snowmobile for challenge set by Kim Thomsen from Lego. He has asked me and other builders for building alternative models out of various Lego City sets.

helicopter scouting vehicles trike lobster

August 17, 2014 - Eventful summer

After quarter of year I'm coming with another web site update. Why is it after so long time? Beginning of summer was full of various events and I haven't got time for it until now... Let's look what has happened. It has started with preparation for exhibition at Lipno. Exhibition is at least half bigger than last year and number of my models that you can see there has also swollen. If you haven't been there yet I can recommend you to do it. You'll be able to see models of all sizes (from tiny vignettes to huge model od St. Vitus cathedral) and from most themes (from Duplo to Technic). My favourites are models of amusement parks and pirate and Star Wars scenes. After Lipno I've begun preparing for workshop in Billund, Denmark. It was organised in order to select new Lego Creator designer for Lego company. Even they haven't choosen me it was amazing experience and I still believe they will choose me next time. I can't tell you more about it (it is classified) :-) except new alternative model of killer whale built out of set 31021 has originated there.

And now let's talk about what you are interested in most - new models. As I've mentioned in last record I was fighting with set 42024 and I've finally won this fight. My first idea to build skidder failed due to too small wheels. Then I've begun creating articulated wheel loader that finished same as skidder. When I was creating jib and bucket I found out it prety difficult. I can't remember how many variants of it I had to build till I've found first that worked well. Then I finally went through telehandler to skid steer loader. You can see its first prototype at picture bellow. It's just combination of main elements of model to verify their functionality, proportions and scale. Those elements are jib with bucket, gearbox inspired by the one from main model, chassis with front and rear axle steering inspired by the one from alternative model of set 8071 and outline of cab. When I proved that everything works well I've begun main building process. I've dismentled prototype, put together solid chassis and frame of superstructure and installed all gearings inside. Finished model features these functions: front and rear axle steering, jib lifting, bucket tilting, gearbox for switching between functions operated by exhaust pipe and easily removable bucket that might be replaced by forks. Forks are such bonus built out of left over parts and they even feature adjustable width and are supplemented with one pallet where you can put some load. There are more pictures of this loader in gallery.

While I was still working on alternative model for set 42024 I also dealt with building alternates out of set 31021. I appreciate this set very much because it offers excellent collection of part for building various animals. I've got inspired by colour scheme so nobody was surprised that first model was penguin with fish. I like its head most because you can move it in any possition thanks to ball joint. Killer whale is another black and white animal I've built out of set 31021. I've created its first prototype at workshop in Billund, Denmark and I've brought it to excellence after my arrival home. It combines smart use of SNOT (studs not on top) technique with many movable parts - tail, flippers and maw. I think this is the best alternative model I've ever built out of Lego Creator set. Building instructions for penguin and killer whale are here. Next model is lawn mower built out of set 31002. This little tractor was supposed to be the first of many alternates built out of set 31002 but now it looks like it will stay as the only one. I've found out this set doesn't offer as many possibilities as I've expected and building alternative models is very difficult. Finally small propeller plane built out of set 42020 is last model I'd like to indroduce you today. It whirls its propeller when you're moving it around and it also shows extraordinary use of propeller blades for creating wings. Its building instructions are placed here.

At the end I'd like to mention one little adjustment in way of issuing building instructions. Based on results of survey I've decided to publish them in pdf only. I also plan to extend description of models by adding ratings of their solidity, stability, difficulty to build and playability.

first prototype of loader skid steer loader penguin killer whale
lawn mower plane

April 27, 2014 - Workshop and new Creator models

On March 28 the first workshop where I've shared my hints and experience of building alternative models took place in one pub in Prague. It was focused on building out of Creator and after short presentation we've begun creating alternative models out of set 31004 (eagle). About seven builders have attended it and they've made for example excavator, sailboat or crayfish. I've also started building my own creation - it was wild boar that you can build with help of these instructions now too. Due to its great success I plan to repeat this workshop again in future.

Alternative models built out of set 30189 are another interesting deed. This set contains about 50 pieces packed in plastic bag and there is only one official model built out of this set - transport plane. Building alternative model out of such a small amount of bricks was great and difficult challenge. It took me pretty much time to make the first alternate - helicopter. Another model of yacht wasn't piece of cake either but then it has become easier and I've expanded number of alternative models to five (helicopter, yacht, fish, plane and chicken) during next few evenings. I like chicken and plane most. It is nice to see that you can build so much even out so small amount of bricks. Building instructions for these mini-models are placed here. And what about other models? Nowadays I "fight" with alternative model out of set 42024. So far I've just found out I'm not able to create skidder as I planed due to very small wheels. It's more probable I will make some kind of loader or forklift truck.

Finally I'd like to add little bit more information about new way of supporting buildinst. As you may have noticed there is new button with link to PayPal under menu. You can send your money to support buildinst development via it. If you are in Czech version you'll be linked to payment in Czech crowns and if you are in English version you'll be linked to payment in euros. I plan to buy new sets for building alternative models with help of this money and also to partly finance reprograming of this website to offer you some new features like voting for next alternative models and sets and to make me easier to update and enlarge its content.

boar helicopter plane chicken

March 14, 2014 - Great challenge

You may ask what "challenge" are you talking about? Let me explain it. About one month ago I've talked to Jan Beyer in one Prague pub during meeting with other Lego fans. If you don't know who he is, he works for Lego as community manager for whole Europe and Asia. Jan has liked that my models show basic idea of Lego - when you bring Lego set home you haven't got just one, two or even three models that you can build following instructions in box but you've got lots of different models that you can find and build with help of your imagination. And then challenge with possibility of future co-operation has appeared: "Choose set and I'll send you it to build me alternative model out of it." In the end I've recieved two sets and I've already built nice model of little duck and hungry tyrannosaur out of the first one. Other set Jan sent me is much bigger - it is container truck 42024. Nowadays I have three ideas of alternative model (skidder, mobile crane and multicar) so I'm courios about result of building... Anyway I'd like to thank Jan for this challenge once more.

I'd also like to mention two exhibitions where you could meet me. The first occured in Brno on March 1st and 2nd and another will occur in Boskovice on Saturday March 15th. You could see my latest models like tyrannosaur and duck, pull-back tractor and brand new grader built out of set 8067 there. Grader is the second alternative model that I've built out of this set (weeing dog was the first). When I was building it I had to use some extraordinary building technologies to handle great lack of pins. In the end I'd like to say you can look forward to new alternative model I plan to build out of set 31021 (cat and mouse). It should be penguin due to black and white color scheme. :-)

tyrannosaur and duck grader exhibition in Brno

January 18, 2014 - New website features and new models

First buildinst survey is still running - you can give me your feed back here if you haven't done it yet. I was too impatient to wait till its end so I've begun improving website in accordance with its current results. Over 80% of voters want to know my story and it makes me very happy. You can read it here now. About half of you would appreciate lists of parts for each model. I've solved this issue by adding one more line with number of pieces to description of almost all models (I plan to add it to rest of them in nearest future). This number works like link to Rebrickable where you can find list of parts (you have to scroll little bit down). Finally I'd like to mention that more than 80% of voters would appreciate instructions for building your own alternative models. So I'm gonna place description of my technique here soon.

I'd also like to mention three new models that I've built during Christmas time. Mammoth built out of set 31004 is first of them. I've created this model especially for December alternative build competition organized by Rebrickable. Mammoth is relatively big (it ate most parts of set) and features posable trunk, extremities and tail. I have to admit that tusks and front legs are little bit fragile so I don't recommend giving mammoth to little children. Building instructions for mammoth are available here since Christmas day. Other two models are built out of set 42010. This set doesn't have any official alternative model (you have to use both 42010 and 42011 to build dragster) so I've challenged myself to build at least one worthwhile alternative model. At first I've created some kind of sports car and then I've begun building something more original - tractor. I think this tractor would be real alternative model because it uses about 90% of set parts, it is relatively sturdy and easily recognizable. Both models feature pull motor and detailed interior with steering wheel and seat. Building instructions for them will be available soon and you can try to build tractor with help of pictures in gallery.

mammoth tractor sports car

November 24, 2013 - Early Christmas

This year I've decided that buildinst gives you Christmas present one month earlier. This has two results for us: first you don't have to wait for new building instructions for bigger alternative model one more month and second I won't have to work on buildinst during Christmas time. :-) And now seriously. From last report several things which should be mentioned have happened. I'd like to begin with exhibition at Lipno that almost 57,000 visitors visited between June 1 and October 18. If you don't visit it this year don't worry you'll be able to visit it next year. Due to great success exhibition will be repeated and even twice bigger in 2014!

Several new alternative models I'd like to talk about have appeared here on buildinst during exhibition and after its end. Hot rod build out of set 8041 is the first of them. Mostly it's just modification of original hot rod. Main changes are design of radiator grill and narrower mudguars. You were able to see this new version of hot rod at Lipno exhibition first time and now you can see it here too. Snow groomer built out of set 9391 is the second model. It's the best alternative model I've built out of this small set so far. Building this model was like another fight with lack of pins and axles. In the end all fell in place excelently and groomer has got two features: lifting snow plow by gear on roof of cab and manual lifting rear device for snow grooming. You can build this snow groomer by following this building instruction. Last model I'd like to introduce today is new bulldozer built out of set 42006. Originally I was building another snow groomer instead of bulldozer. When I almost finished design of snow plow I've changed my mind and I've begun building bulldozer. This bulldozer is special because it's my first model using simple transmission that switches output between lifting blade and ripper. Blade is lifted by pair of large linear actuators and ripper by one small linear actuator. Cab also features adjustable driver's seat. It's interesting that it took me two weeks to build this bulldozer but it took me about one month to create instructions for it.

Finally I'd like to ask you once more to fill this little survey if you haven't done it yet. Your feed back will help me to improve buildinst in way you prefer.

snow groomer hot rod bulldozer bulldozer

July 9, 2013 - Exhibition at Lipno and new model

As I mentioned last time the great Lego exhibition in Lipno point began on 1st July. Those of you who were visiting it on first day were also able to participate in attendant program and meet builders and even Lego group representatives Jan Beyer and Milan Reindl besides watching lots of excellent models. I've contributed to exhibition by two little expositions of alternative models. First consists of animals: three rabbits, weeing dog, shark, grohl's parrot and Nathanael's Scrat (squirrel from Ice Age) and another consists of machines: plane, forklift truck, helicopter and improved version of hot rod with rebuilt hood. Who haven't visited this exhibition yet they can do it till end of September.

I'd also like to introduce you my latest alternative model - helicopter built out of set 9393. This helicopter was about third and so far only successful attempt on alteranate built out of this set. My objective was to build helicopter that features something more than just moving rotors even despite its small size. Retractable landing gear became this extra feature. I hope you'll like it and you'll enjoy building it.

helicopter helicopter exposition of animals exposition of machines

May 1, 2013 - Our menagerie is proliferating

Today I'd like to talk little bit about the latest increase in animals. All have begun with set 31004. I've built rabbit out of this set right after dismantling eagle. I don't know if it is some kind of abberation :-) because the first animal that occurs to me is rabbit anytime. This one is even able to move its ears and you can build it by following this instruction.

After rabbit greater challenge has come to me - set 9394. When I was thinking about what to build out of lots of red panels I found out fish that changed into shark later. I have been thinking about building fish out of Lego Technic since TSATS contest was announced. If you wanna see what shark is able to do, take it for ride. It has three wheel chassis and its rear axle drives mechanism that moves its tail and opens its maw. I've used modified mahj's mechanism from his Da Vinci flyer for shark tail. Model is also ready to be motorized with set 8293. In such way it moves by itself on base built out of battery box. I was surprised how fast I've built this model - it has taken just one week. Building has run in this way: first I've made mechanism for moving tail and its linking up with chassis. Rough structure of head and body was next phase. Then I've worked on linkage between head and tail and finally I've finished its design. It was mostly about finding best places for remaining panels. You can see result best on this video.

Last animal (for this time) is dachshund built out of set 31004 again. He can also lift his leg same as my weeing doggie built out of set 8067 to relieve himself. I've used our new family member - dachshund Jessie as model for this creation.

At the end I'd like to mention two exhibitions that I've visited as exhibitor and where you were able to see me. The first exhibition was in Boskovice on February 16th and another was in Brno one week later. Next exhibition where I'm gonna show my models will begin in Lipno point on June 1st and end on September 30th. If you visit it first day, you'll be able to meet me and other builders and participate in attendant program for visitors during day.

rabbit shark shark dachshund

December 28, 2012 - PF 2013

At first I'd like to wish you good luck, health, love and lots of lego bricks in new year 2013. Speaking about future of this website I have two news for you - one good and another bad. Bad news is I have less and less time for designing new models and creating instructions so number of updates will be bit smaller than now. And good news is I'm still going to develop this site by adding new instructions and functions - currently I'd like to enlarge gallery by adding more pictures of new models so those of you who are more skillful will be able to build new models before instructions are released. In further future I plan to convert whole website into php and make it more interactive.

pf 2013

November 5, 2012 - New hot-rod with remote control

Few weeks ago I finished my first car with remote control and I bring it to you with building instructions. It is another hot-rod that attracts your attention by V6 engine with moving pistons while going. Car is relatively tough, fast and with good handling as you can see in this video. It is easy to remove battery box by disconnecting power cable and removing right door. You should be careful during driving to prevent hitting obstacles by front wheels because easily it can cause leaping gear on rack and failure of return to center mechanism. If we speak about parts that I've added to set 8041 all remained as I mentioned last time - 2 M-motors, 1 IR receiver and controller, 1 battery box and 1 little rubber belt (I've used that one from set 5763). I hope you'll like new hot-rod and you'll enjoy a lot of fun during building and driving it.

Another model which I'd like to introduce you is forklift truck built out of set 8052. Forks are lifted via M-motor connected with winch with thread (this is only part that is not contained in set) and mast is tilted via hand-operated linear actuator. Truck is able to lift load at least 250 g heavy. Crossing of steering axle and linear actuator driving axle without using gears is the greatist structural trick that I've used in this model. It also features easy baterry box removing, rear axle steering and many small details like adjustable seat, panel with joystick for operating forks, rearview mirrors etc.

RC hot-rod RC hot-rod vysokozdvižný vozík forklift truck

August 26, 2012 - Development of remote control car

Regular visitors probably noticed that nothing has happened here almost three months but don't worry buildinst goes on. As I wrote in last report I've begun working on new remote control car built out of set 8041. It will be built only out of this set plus two PF medium motors, one battery box, one IR receiver and controller and one small rubber belt. Presently I've finished two chassis prototypes - first with fake-engine in back and another with fake-engine in front. Both chassis uses one M-motor for drive and another for steering with return to center function. They features good performance and handling. Just I've got stuck in bodywork design - I can't build it tough and attractive. So it isn't clear yet what kind of car it will be - sports car or hot-rod or pick-up. I hope I overcome this soon and I'll be able to share instruction for this car with you. By the way I have new piece in my collection - tractor 9393 and it means that you won't have to wait first alternative model built out of this set long.

chassis var. 1 chassis var. 2

June 3, 2012 - What can you expect in nearest future?

I've decided that time to realise ideas I'm keeping in my head just come due to fact I haven't built anything cool for long time. I've got few useful hints how to build remote control cars at exhibition in Vyškov so my first new creation will be surely some vehicle built out of mix of set 8041 and PF parts. Next creation should be new alternative model built out of set 8052. I don't tell you what exactly it will be but it won't be garbage truck that I mentioned before... Finally I plan to build something really special - bucket-wheel excavator. Of course it will not be easy and just one set will not contain enough pieces for building it but I am intented to reach this goal and then share building instruction with you.

If I come back to what has happened since last report in blog I have to mention exhibition in Vyškov. There were many visitors there and most of them were children in age under 10 years so it was not surprise that remote controlled cars that they could control were most favourite attraction. You can see how it looked like there on picture under this text. Revealing of winners of "To sail the Technic sea" contest was another significant event. Those who watch eurobricks know that water strider has won 1st place and my motor boat was placed on 4th place - it is great success for me.

I was very surpriced by new green tractor 9393 that will be released this summer. I didn't expect it could be so good. It is smaller set with nice models (both main and alternative) and many useful parts. I was as interested in this set as I tried to build main model in accordance with available pictures in LDD (Lego digital designer). You can watch result in pictures bellow or download this LXF file and open it in LDD.

Vyškov exhibition tractor 9393 tractor 9393

April 11, 2012 - News for last two months

I was too lazy during last web updating to write few lines in blog so I'm gonna make it up for you now. Let's start from the beginning. Who still hesitate to build snow cat or not they will welcome this video on youtube. Surely you've noticed that two new instructions for models built out of set 9391 were already added at the end of February. These two models are snowmobile and tracked dumper. Set number 9391 is my smallest Technic set nowadays and it is rather difficult to build anything meaningful out of it. My snowmobile was created just thanks to many compromises that caused for example need for fixing track. Development of tracked dumper was quite different. I found original model created by Captainmib on eurobricks and I liked it as much as I decided to build it according to pictures. When I finished model I was disappointed by result - it was too fragile. So I took it apart and rebuilt it into model you can build with help of instruction placed here on buildinst. I also tried to build something else out of this set but I wasn't much successful...

Another story lies beyond evolution of motor boat built out of set 8068. I got idea to build boat out of this set right after I had finished propeller plane but I didn't have time to build it. Only announcing "To sail the Technic sea" contest gave me impulse to begin. Engine with lifting and steering mechanism was the most complicated part of model so I chose it as first step of development. When I finished first prototype of engine long perriod of lessening and improving was begining. Creation of boat and its design was last step of process. This video shows you how finished motor boat works. Later I added rear frame with rope and water skier to make it more interesting for contest.

Finally I'd like to invite you to little Lego Technic exhibition in Vyškov (Czech Republic). It will be in elementary school Morávkova 492/40 on Saturday April 28, 2012 from 10:00 am. I will also attend this exhibition and show my models there.

snowmobile tracked dumper motor boat motor boat

February 17, 2012 - Snow cat with remote control

I've dealt with development of tracked vehicle that features more than drive for long time. Originally I planed to create some kind of machine with grab that would be able to move such things as cup or glass from place to place. After few failed attempts and incoming snowfalls I decided to build snow cat. You can judge result on attached pictures or build your own snow cat with help of this instruction.

Snow cat handles well and you can control it with just one IR control. When you want to switch between drive and lifting snowplow you just change channel from 1 to 4 or opposite. If you want to make snow cat moving faster or slower you can replace 16 teeth gears for one 12 and one 20 teeth double bevel gear during assembling chassis. I've also got idea to create another version of this snow cat using parts only out of set 8294 and attach snow groommer on it or to use just chassis for attaching grab that I spoke about above. This is just music of future... Now I plan to focus on water world and building model for contest To sail the Technic sea opened at eurobricks.

snow cat snow cat

January 25, 2012 - New alternate built out of set 8041

I've read somewhere that 8041 is the worst set ever in Lego Technic series and it should had been released in Racers series. This writer pointed out few functions and weak design with lots of stickers. I agree that this set can’t impress you by its functions and it looks bad without stickers but from the other side I’ve bought this set in sales with good proportion of performance to price and I’ve already built second alternate out of this set. So after formula new cool hot-rod is coming. Chassis, gearings and whole concept of rear wheel drive with engine in front are inspired by official alternative model. This hot-rod features opening hood with support bar, opening doors and trunk, steering, even 2 seats (official models offers just one) and of course V8 engine in big nose.

hot-rod hot-rod

December 24, 2011 - PF 2012

pf 2012

November 25, 2011 - News on buildinst

As I said last time I've prepaired few new features for you on website. Gallery of alternative models is the first of them. You can access it easily by clicking on link in heading of this page. Gallery is working in trial run with limited number of pictures now. I'm gonna supplement more pictures in future. Links to forums where you'll be able to discuss all around buildinst and where you'll find notices for updates are another new feature. You can find these links in heading of this page and they refer to Eurobricks (forum in English) and to Kostky (forum in Czech and Slovak). Last new feature is possibility to download building instructions for selected models in PDF. PDF offers easy way of downloading whole instruction with new front page in one step. Unfortunately instructions in PDF have little bit worse quality of pictures due to reducing file size. Links for downloading PDFs are placed in heading of page index of exact instruction.

Let's look at my building progress now. Most of you have already noticed cute yellow dog which lifts its leg to wee on nearest corner. Originally I planed to build telehandler or skid steer loader from set 8067 but it got out of my hands and I've obtained dog... :-) Building instruction for this dog is already available here. I opened mini set 4916 at weekend again and built grasshopper from it. Recently I plan to built tracked vehicle with mechanical arm and remote control but I have problems with chassis so we'll see.

dog grasshopper

October 16, 2011 - New alternative models

Last month was productive in field of Lego again. In addition to visiting Legoland Germany I built two new alternative models. First one is scooter built from set 8048. It is relatively small model but it is stuffed with functions and details. Let's mention for example single cylinder engine powered by rear wheel, functional stand, steering and so on. Second model is much bigger. It is formula built from set 8041 which features V8 engine with rear wheel drive, differential and front wheel steering with turning steering wheel.

scooter formula

September 20, 2011 - My models celebrate the first little success in world

Few months ago I was contacted by Jetro de Chateau who is editor of Hispabrick Magazine - Spanish magazine about Lego. He requested me to allow him to publish my plane built from set 8068 in his review. He’ve got my permission and now you can see pictures of this plane with short description in issue 011 on page 70.

During last month I built plane and T-Rex trike from set 5763. Building instructions for plane are already available here. Trike has rear wheel suspension and I’m going to add its building instructions here soon too. I also began working on scooter from set 8048 so we will see whether it is successful or not in a short time. Finally, I’ve added picture of snail I spoke about last time.

plane plane trike snail

July 31, 2011 - Telehandler is knocking on door

Recently I've finished virtual model of telehandler and now I’m in the middle of generating building instructions so you’ll be able to find it on web soon. When I was going back from vacations I built snail from set 4916. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten my camera at parent’s home so it’s without picture this time...

July 17, 2011 – News for last 3 months

Number of building instructions is rising slowly at buildinst but it has passed almost quarter of year since last blog record was written. I can’t say nothing happened during this time just there was nobody here who wrote about it... I promise I will become better and write here at least once per week or two weeks. So let’s look at news now.

As you probably noticed I’ve added few more building instructions for animals built from set 4916 and there are already 9 of them here (rabbit, frog, camel, dachshund, cat, beaver, squirrel, goat and bear). I haven’t built any other animal yet so if you have any idea for animal number 10 let me know about it and I will try to build it. ;) I have one more unfinished building instruction for model from Creator serie. It is motorbike built from set 5763. It was created by Lego Creator team (probably by Morten) and you can see it at the end of this video at

Progress in creating alternative models from Technic sets is little bit more interesting. At the beginning of May I created my first alternative model from set 8052 which was purely mine. It is telescopic handler with motorized lifting boom, manually deployable stabilizers and rear wheel steering. I’ve begun preparing its virtual model and I suppose building instruction will be released till the end of summer. I’ve already got idea for another alternative model from set 8052. I will keep it back from you but maybe you are able to guess what it will be according to picture bellow... I’ve got greater success with set 8048. During time when my girlfriend was been visiting her parents I built brand new dragster (building instruction is already placed on web) and successfully motorized main model (buggy) using PF parts. I’ve build biggest number of alternative models from this set and I still have a lot of new ideas for others so you can look forward to them.

telescopic handler next alternative model dragster PF buggy

April 17, 2011 - Other beasts are coming

Even I was very busy last days I found a little time for building another animal - beaver from set 4916. By little modification I also created squirrel.

beaver squirrel

April 11, 2011 - 1st record

You’ll be able to find records about developed models here and in general continuous info about what happens in buildinst's backstage. Currently I work on building instructions for helicopter from set 8048 and I prepare instructions for other animals from set 4916 too.